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Default ghost mouse clicks with wireless mouse (Fedora 26)


my Lenovo/DL dock works mostly great, but I'm having one last issue with my Logitech M570.
Sometimes (not always) I get ghost clicks, meaning I do a single left-click but linux sees two left-clicks (confirmed via xev tool) or I try dragging windows around by holding the left mouse button but again a double-click is registered.

Some initial diagnosis:
- reboots usually fix the problem for a while
- restarting displaylink service doesn't help
- sometimes it gets worse to the point where it's almost impossible to work (like every second mouse click is incorrectly interpreted as double-click)
- wired usb mouse seems not affected (but I only tested for a few minutes)
- relocating wireless dongle to front of the dock (trying to avoid usb3 interference) doesn't help
- new batteries and positioning mouse closer to the dock doesn't help
- mouse works fine when attached directly to the laptop
- there doesn't seem to be a correlation between high cpu load and the strange mouse behavior

So, overall it's looking like an issue with either the dock or the displaylink software, and not wifi interference or dongle. (Logs attached.)

I know that Fedora isn't official supported (I used https://github.com/displaylink-rpm/displaylink-rpm to install ubuntu displaylinkmanager and libevdi), but any help would be appreciated.

Best regards.
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it's a known issue. It's not even working on Ubuntu...
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