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Default Can't get 3rd display to work

Hi, I recently purchased 3 MIMO UM-710S DL monitors to use with my Win 7 PC which already has 3 traditional 24" monitors off an AMD RADEON HD 6700 Eyefinity card. The PC recognizes 2 of the 3 monitors, but will not recognize the third one.

I've tried swapping all the cables and monitors and know them all to be in good working order. I've also swapped the USB ports on the PC and likewise know them all to be good as well. I also have confirmed I have the latest drivers.

According to the DisplayLink website, you can have up to 6 USB monitors, so I'm not sure why it's choking on 3? This is a brand new PC with an Intel Z68 motherboard, so it shouldn't be a matter of less than robust hardware.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this? When I plug it in, I hear the sound like the PC sees a new USB device, but it never shows up in the display config as an available monitor like the others.

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I don't know I'm having an issue as soon as I have a 3rd USB connected it goes into rolling link mode looking for the correct display link. chaos.
causing all the monitors to go black out randomly in a circle.

never mind change USB pluigins to a 3.0 USB and working now.
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