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Exclamation Alpha 3 Preview release

Hi All

We have a 2nd public release of the Mac 2.0 software. This release fixes some of the issues in the Alpha 2 release and also enables audio support (with some issues noted below).

Headline features and bug fixes in this release are:
  • Performance improvements for all DisplayLink chip families
  • Improved stability of USB connections
  • Support for stereo audio output for devices connected with USB 2.0
  • Layout changes could take up to 15 seconds to be applied.
  • Occasionally, when DisplayLink device is reconnected to the same USB port, it will not be recognised. To recover, another replug is necessary.
  • Dragging operations do not cancel correctly on certain platforms with NVIDIA GPU.

The known issues you are most likely to find are:
  • Ethernet functionality, available in docking stations using DL-3x00 is currently not supported and will not work.
  • OS X does not currently support audio in DL-3x00 based devices on USB 3.0. For audio support, please use USB 2.0 connection.
  • The audio output may be heard on a random output of DL-3x00 docking station, or sometimes on none. To recover, please replug the dock.
  • With OS X 10.8.2, sometimes the login screen is not drawn when DisplayLink Software is installed. This is a known bug in Mountain Lion, which is not seen on Developer Seed 10.8.3 anymore. Reboot, or sometimes multiple reboots are required to recover.
  • With OS X 10.8.2, some applications like Finder or Adobe Flash plugin may keep crashing when DisplayLink Software is installed. This is the same OS X bug as above, which manifests in this way when automatic login is configured. To recover, a number of reboots may be required.

If (or when) you find issues that are not in the release notes, please start a new thread, or add to an existing thread with the same issue, and include your debug logs as described in this thread.



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