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Default Mountain Lion Problems

As well as the aforementioned flicker problems I also have lost the entry boxes for my login screen. (I can bypass the problem if I use automatic login, but then can't logout). The input box is still there, (though hidden) I can sometimes guess roughly were the input box should be and type blindly and still get in.

The problem is resolved if I uninstall DisplayLink Driver.

Here is a macrumors thread from other users who have a similar problem: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1191946

Your help would be appreciated.

Mountain Lion
DisplayLink_Installer 1.8
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Default Toshiba PA3923U Not working at all on MLion

Black screen.
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Old 08-04-2012, 04:24 PM   #3
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You can still type your password the box just isn't loading. Turn on automatic login until they fix this.

Other issues you are probably having are:
Finder crashes
Flash crashes
Login issues
Photo booth wont load
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Default Possible DisplayLink 1.8 related issues in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

I had a clean install of OS X 10.8 and noticed a number of repeating issues.

New installation ran fine until installation of DisplayLink Driver v1.8.

Notable issues:
Login screen inputs invisible.
iTerm crashes.
Installation of Chrome fails (Console noted simultaneous plugin issues with FlashPlayer 10.6)
System Preferences crash upon attempting to view screensaver options.
Screen Saver initiation w/ hot corner failed.

Unexpected issue:
Using outlook to choose a file to attach to email - outlook crashes when choose file in dropdown.

Once I uninstalled displaylink. All back to normal. I can send a Console dump as requested.

I can't tell what the graphical issue pushing an otherwise ok driver to go kerplunk from the OS X 10.8 side.

Note - I"m using a Late 2011 MBP 13" w/ 2.4GHz Intel i5. 8GB RAM. 500GB SATA HDD (5400rpm). One external monitor: DVI to Thunderbolt, Second external monitor, via Kensington Adapter w/ Displaylink (now down due to uninstall of DIsplayLink 1.8 Driver).

Many thanks,
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Default An update would be helpful

I'm finding the lack of response from the DL team quite frustrating. I have written a polite email asking for an update and after a few weeks have not yet received a reply. They are still saying on their driver downloads page that v1.8 is Mountain Lion ready; it's quite clear from the forum that this is not the case.

I appreciate that they are having to do catch up with Apple, but the latest driver is simply not suitable for everyday use with Mountain Lion. They should make that clear on their download page.

It would also be helpful if they could give us an update as to what stage they are at in addressing the problem.

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Mac Team
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Hi All,

We can reproduce the login issue and a few crashes. We have prioritised the login issue first however as it looks more widespread and may explain other problems.
If it is something we can fix we will release a 1.8.1 version asap.

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Default Similar issues with Mountain Lion and DisplayLink

Hi there

I seem to have the same issues. I downloaded the updated driver for Mountain Lion, and after reinstalling Mountain Lion again, it was working sporadically, but not great. I have three external monitors plugged into a MacBook Pro (2011), one through the thunderbolt connection and two with DisplayLink 2.0 USBs.

The login screen disappears (like others I can login through guesswork), and Skype crashes repeatedly. I use Skype constantly for work so it is not an option not to have it on. Finder crashes periodically as well.

I have uninstalled the latest DisplayLink drivers (and reinstalled without success, and uninstalled again) which has stopped the issues. A solution would be very much appreciated as I use multiple screens the whole time.

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Default DisplayLink still crashing with ML 10.8.1

I've just downloaded the Mountain Lion 10.8.1 upgrade with no effect or improvement on the DisplayLink issues.

My only workaround to the Skype crashing/blank login page at the moment is:

*uninstall DisplayLink
*unplug the monitors
*restart the laptop
*reinstall DisplayLink
*restart the laptop
*plug in the monitors

Bluetooth has been turned off as well.

Are we likely to have a solution to this anytime soon?
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Default +1

I have spent over 70 minutes on the phone with Apple on my login screen not rendering correctly. They have me with senior advisors now, and they report never having encountered this issue.

I am also able to "click" in the middle of my screen and type my password and get it to login, even though I can't see what I'm doing. Took me a while to discover this.

Help is appreciated asap.

DisplayLink USB adapter: BVU195
MacBook Pro 13" (late 2011)
OS X 10.8 (12A269)
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Default If you get stuck

Mountain Lion Users: Until this problem is fixed and if you get stuck in the monitor login dead zone...

Reboot your Mac while holding down the <shift> key. This will boot the system into 'Safe Mode' and then you can uninstall the DisplayPort driver so things function normally until this is addressed.

I just thought I would help out a few that I have read are stuck on screens not sure what option they have.

I REALLY wish there would be some kind of response to this problem? The radio silence is very very unprofessional. I think we are all just looking for 'Acknowledged and we are actively working on a fix'
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login screen, mountain lion

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