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Default No Split Screen and Mission Control cant drag app windows up to switch spaces

I notic i cannot drag my app windows fro the top toolbar of app upwards to the mission control spaces switcher with this MB169+ screen.
Also, the split screen mode in Sierra doesn't work either. usually, clicking and holding on the green icon in top left of an app, will allow me to choose two app windows and let Sierra arrange them side by side to occupy half the screen each app
This does not work with the ASUS MB169+
The screen itself is nice display, but its starting to prove itself completely unusable to me with a Mac. Please get these issues fixed, because the product is going to disappoint Mac Users, when they discover it stunts the functionality of the OS, as well as being non HDCP compliant.. cant switch spaces easily, cant watch movies, mouse lag.. and thats just what i have discovered in the couple of days i have the device

Its a great development and project from ASUS to provide us with the option of a HD usb display without need of a mains cable for portable use. But i think i have stepped in too early as usual. I believe we are nearly there, but not yet, because it just isn't working properly
I have always been astounded how manufacturers can present their product not warning about the pitfalls, but knowing about them.
I think consumers should not be given a half ready product and use feedback to perfect it after so many people have already spent their hard earned money.
Even reviewers on youtube are so eager to make adsense money on their reviews, that they dont test software at all, and don't uncover the pitfalls. I watched hours of video reviews of this screen before buying, but not a single mention of these problems which exist.
I kind of wish i had just bought a mains connected 15 inch screen, because even with a Macbook, this screen just doesnt work with Mission Control, nor with split screen, which are two major facets of my workflow. So it doesnt even serve me for on the road as it stands

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