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Default drv 5.6.31870+Windows 7 64b with Aero disabled and classic theme-Google Earth broken

Hello support
I would like to express my thanks for Displaylink products - I had been using them for quite some time and have three DL-195 based devices.

I have moved to Windows 7 in february and my happy relationship with displaylink lost its appeal due to simple fact -
no Aero - no properly functioning displaylink.
What can be done so
Google Earth
Maptek Vulcan (mining 3D software)
Firefox 5, IE 9 with hardware acceleration
Autodesk DWG trueview
....list can be continued, I am sure

can work normally as they used to ?

I understand that catching with M$ internal changes to a lot of things on unpredictable schedule might give a partner bad stomach sometimes. The last driver release was on April 18 2011. Today is August 8.
4 months have passed and displaylink is useless for the bunch of programs running on Windows 7 SP1 64bit with Aero disabled and classic theme.

I foresee people telling me to turn on Aero so displaylink would work normally. Thanks but no thanks!. I had waited for 4 months patiently for the new release knowing that there are lot of complaints regarding the same issue. Suggestion to turn Aero sounds similar to the suggestion to turn AC on when the car is crawling I-70 west to the Eisenhower tunnel in Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

"Your car cannot keep speed 55mph on such steep mountain road going up? - Please turn ON AC full throttle - it will surely help".

Of course it is a joke, but Aero is expensive interface which uses a lot of memory which I need for my programs.

In the end of the day - I am the customer who had paid for the hardware and I should be entitled to know, I think, the answer to 2 questions below:
1. When the problem will be fixed
and if it will not be fixed
2. Please let me and other customers know that Displaylink adapters are not useable without Aero mode in windows 7.

Thank you

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aero, autocad, google earth

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