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Question Laptop hang on click Save in Display Settings in U 20.04 - Dell 5491 Lat, USB32HDPRO

I have a StarTech USB32HDPRO USB 3 to HDMI graphics adapter and have installed the latest DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for Ubuntu5.4.1-EXE drivers on my Dell Latitude 5491 laptop.

After following all the steps and rebooting, I plugged the adapter into the laptop and a display was seen as expected.

However, the display needed reordering relative to the other screens that I have attached. The Screen Display in Settings in Ubuntu has a standard facility for re-ordering displays.

I have 4 screens in total including the laptop's own display. And I have only one USB32HDPRO adapter in use. The other 2 external screens are connected via USB-C/thunderbolt and HDMI.

When I re-order the displays and click save, the laptop hangs/freezes and I have to reboot to be able to make it responsive again.

Rotating aspect ratio and saving also causes freeze/hangs and I'd also like to be able to do that because I have one display that is mounted as portrait rather than landscape.

I should note that another adapter that is the same model works fine with another Ubuntu 20.04 setup. And the exact same adapter works fine on Windows and macOS.

If I re-order the displays on this laptop without the USB32HDPRO connected, I don't get the freeze. If I use a different model of USB 3 to HDMI display adaper, e.g. by Cable Matters, I get the same problem of hanging.

I've already searched the forum with my laptop model number and also synonyms for the problem: hang, hanging, hanged hung, crash, crashed, freeze, froze, frozen, lock, locked and also where it occured: display settings.

The only other question I could find with a similar problem is: https://www.displaylink.org/forum/sh...reeze+settings but there is no answer for this yet.

I have contacted StarTech support today (Vico) but they don't have any solutions but did give me an install guide which I will try: https://sgcdn.startech.com/005329/me...ubuntu_dig.pdf On reading it further just now it does just look like standard install steps though.

Drivers tried:
DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for Ubuntu5.4.1-EXE
DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for Ubuntu5.4-EXE
DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for Ubuntu5.3-EXE
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freeze, hang, save, settings, ubuntu

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