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Default Ubuntu 20.04 portrait mode issues with triple monitor dock

I have an RTX 2070 Super video card running on Ubuntu 20.04 whose USB-C output is connected to a Plugable UD-ULTCDL triple monitor dock.

This is exact setup works well in Windows 10 and drives my three monitors properly with the main large 43" one in landscape mode and a 24" on each side in portrait mode.

In Ubuntu not so much with 440.100 NVidia drivers (Ubuntu supplied) and the DisplayLink driver from DisplayLink.

The centre screen is fine but the side ones have issues. First problem is there's keyboard input lag within the satellite monitor windows when I make one of them active by clicking on them but the far bigger problem is the way the mouse moves.

After moving the mouse pointer into either screen, it jumps past part of the screen making that portion unusable. It's only a small amount for the right hand one screen but a full 20% of the left one which is not workable. A phantom pointer also remains in each of the side screens when the mouse is returned back into the centre screen.

This behaviour doesn't occur when the side screens are in landscape mode (at least no phantom or unusable screen) but changing their orientation to side step the issue I'm having is not really a good option as I'm tight for space given the monitor sizes plus I intentionally bought a large centre one whose height matched the width of the side ones so the mouse would transition between the screens well.

I noticed there's a pinned topic in this forum about a patched XServer which I tried but that didn't correct the problem so I ended up reverting that and am not sure what to try next as I'm quite new to Ubuntu and would really like to get this working.

I have attached screenshots of how each is configured.
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Ended up posting this to the forums of the dock manufacturer https://support.plugable.com/t/ubunt...e-issues/19238 where they suggested trying newer NVidia drivers or reverting to Ubuntu 18.04.

Neither worked but I'm pretty sure I've narrowed the problem to actually being a problem with the NVidia driver as disabling that GPU and using the integrated graphics in conjunction with the DisplayLink connected side monitors seemed to work just fine.

See the other posting for a far more detailed description.

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Default Displaylink Ubuntu driver is not compatible with Nvidia proprietary driver

If you are not playing games on Linux, you should consider switch to the open-source nouveau driver instead.

That is how I did it.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not a gamer so I did consider using the Nouveau drivers but it's my understanding that they can't do CUDA which is required for my studies and programming initiatives.

I'm hopeful that nVidia releases something that is more compatible with DisplayLink in the near future.
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