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Default dual 4K integrated graphics

I am the owner of a Lenovo Miix 510 (i5 7200U HD620), a wavlink 4K dock plugged with usb c, and 2 4K monitors.
The performance are just terrible.
Even going the resolution down to 3k everything is very laggy. can't watch a youtube video full screen etc.
I don't want to play, I just want to work (I am a developer so i need a text editor and a browser) and some time watch some videos.
Soon I will get a new computer, a surface pro 7 (still connected with usb c but no thunderbolt) I am hoping the perfs will be a bit better but I have the feeling it won't be that good neither (considering how bad it is now).

Any chance to have better performances with another dock ? D6000 ?
Could I be able to watch a youtube video full screen ? At least to work in 4k without lag ?
Or should I just give up with Display Link technology with those kind of computers ?

Thank you for your help
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The issue is not on the docking station which is using a hardware video decoder.
If you have the standard Miix I found by web search, your single channel memory machine doesn't offer enough bandwidth to shovel data fast enough to drive dual 4K with one full screen video.
Also, with 4GB of RAM, I have little expectation of general performance.

We are bringing further 4K video playback improvements in 9.3, but we still need a machine able to drive the pixels. All pixels, whatever the source and the destination have to be calculated.

Just as a comparison point, I have now tried using dual HD external displays + internal HD, without DisplayLink driver running and Windows 10 resource monitor says I am using 58% of my 16GB of RAM. So with 4GB, I would heavily rely on the SSD before trying any 4K display.

I would recommend you get a dual channel machine with at least 8GB, even if you are not using a docking station.
There might be other reasons and if the machine has different spec than the one I found, what I stated may not apply to your particular case.

Kind regards,
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