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Default Uninstall Result

I am posting a copy of my Terminal readout in case it helps with the resolution to the above issue.

With my new monitor setup I don't really give a Schiff if DL ever figures this out. It is nice to know that they do visit the Linux part of this forum. As the rest of the world slowly wakes up and ditches Microsoft, Apple and Google we should see better support for open source. It is just a matter of time, so I won't "float test" my adapter just yet.

~$ sudo displaylink-installer uninstall
[sudo] password for :
Distribution discovered: Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS


[ Removing EVDI from kernel tree, DKMS, and removing sources. ]
make: Entering directory '/tmp/tmp.1JqDnVdBXL/module'
dkms remove evdi/1.14.1 --all
Module evdi-1.14.1 for kernel 6.2.0-26-generic (x86_64).
Before uninstall, this module version was ACTIVE on this kernel.

- Uninstallation
- Deleting from: /lib/modules/6.2.0-26-generic/updates/dkms/
- Original module
- No original module was found for this module on this kernel.
- Use the dkms install command to reinstall any previous module version.

Deleting module evdi-1.14.1 completely from the DKMS tree.
rm -f -rf /usr/src/evdi-1.14.1
make: Leaving directory '/tmp/tmp.1JqDnVdBXL/module'
Stopping displaylink-driver systemd service
[ Removing suspend-resume hooks ]
[ Removing udev rule ]
[ Removing Core folder ]

Uninstallation steps complete.
Please note that the evdi kernel module is still in the memory.
A reboot is required to fully complete the uninstallation process.
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drivers, error

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