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Default Mac M1 2020 Monterey Unusable

Displaylink used to work great for my 2020 Mac M1.

Lately, it has been obliterating my computer's performance (in Monterey, especially). Anything that requires I/O is extraordinarily slow. And I get the "balloon of death" quite often. Some examples of malfunction below:
- When I text someone in iMessages, there's a 2-3 minutes delay for the sound effect to play.
- When I do ctrl+shift+cmd+4 for screenshotting (or any screen capture), or if I try and do cmd + shift + 5 for video capture, it takes 2-3 minutes for the screenshotting/capping app to load.
- Basic tasks like chrome or opening "books" take a very very long time and often runs into "balloon of death"
- Some video platforms like Coursera/Udemy/Amazon gives me a black screen when I play videos. The playback is going, as I can hear the sound, but the screen is blank. This is only resolved when I unplug my Dell Displaylink dock and just use my main laptop screen.
- Other video platforms like YouTube plays *most* of the time. But some of the times, it just stays "loading" unless I unplug the dock.

Basically, anything with video/screen recording is remarkably slow nowadays (it used to be lightning fast). And basic tasks like navigating various apps is also very slow to the point where it freezes up and is unusable a lot of times.

All of the above goes away when I turn off displaylink / unplug my Dell displaylink dock. This didn't used to happen pre-Monterey.

Not sure if there's a workaround for this extreme slowness?
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Default Same performance issue with Mac Mini M1 after 12.5 Monterey upgrade

I am experiencing the same issue after upgrading my Mac Mini M1 to 12.5 Monterey. I am using StarTech USB32HDPRO to connect a third monitor. Before the upgrade I had no performance issues. I am using the latest driver, but checked older ones as well with the same result.

- MacOS login takes longer
- Screen capture (i.e. control+command+shift+4) takes around 1.5 minutes.
- Camera to turn on takes around 1 minute

If I unplug the StarTech adapter ot just use the toggle in DisplayLink Manager to turn the monitor off, the performance issue immediately disappears.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I have similar issues. Is it possible to just remove the DisplayLink software altogether?
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lag, mac m1, monterey

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