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Default Dell D3100 on USB2

I've just upgraded my DisplayLink setup from two independent DisplayLink adapters to a single Dell D3100 and am using Yosemite and the latest 2.3 beta driver. I've got it attached to two 1920x1200 monitors and things seem to be working fine except for on strange issue which I hadn't see on my previous DisplayLink setup. Using Mail.app when I type in a new mail's subject field each character takes about a second to appear on the screen. I only see this with Mail.app, and only when the new message window is on one of the display link monitors. It seems related to the fact that the title for the window is the mail subject, when I move the title off screen the issue goes away. I've tried it with only one monitor attached and the issue still exists. I've also tried this on a Mac with USB3 and there the issue does not occur. Overall this is a minor issue but I figured it was worth sharing in case it can be addressed. Soon I'll be trying a 4K monitor on this setup, fingers crossed USB2 will be up to the task...
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