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Question skewed rotated distorted image

hello - I am using the displaylink-rpm for Fedora on a Dell XPS13 with a Lenovo LT1421. I haven't used the USB screen for a few months and updated to the latest Fedora 29 recently. I compiled and installed the latest displaylink-rpm.

The driver seems to be working well except that the image is massively distorted. I have posted the issue on github with evdi and would like to point to it in case someone experience anything in kind


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I had something like that as well, after an update to 4.4.24-1. Had to remove an evdi.conf config that I had used to enable rotation/portrait orientation. Sadly, vertical orientation no longer works for me, and I have severe mouse pointer artifacts.

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I have a similar issue with an AOC E1659Fwu. I use Fedora 30 (KDE) and the rpm package from https://github.com/displaylink-rpm/displaylink-rpm: evdi 1.6.1 (displaylink-rpm v5.1.26-1).

$ uname -r
First, I get a similar distorted image when using the native resolution of 1366x768:

This is the image the screen is supposed to show:

When I use a lower resolution like 1024x768, the screen works just fine:

I took the above pictures while the screen was connected to a HP EliteBook 2760p via USB 2.0, but I could reproduce this issue on a similar setup with a ThinkPad T440p (Fedora 30 as well) using USB 3.0.

On both systems, the distortion did not occur a few month ago (when I was on Fedora 28).

A second issue I noticed on both systems is a flickering cursor on the primary (non-DisplayLink) screen, which is rather annoying. I tried to capture it on a video: https://vimeo.com/339206961

Any help would be highly appreciated!

— Jan

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Hi everyone,

when I tried the new evdi release (1.6.2) today I played around with different resolutions and worked out a workaround for the distortion problem.

My solution is to run the USB monitor at a slightly lower resolution than intended by the specification. I use 1360x768 instead of 1366x768. On my device, this does not lead to a blurred image, the screen works just fine then.

I wrote the following shell script to set up the custom resolution (1360x768). Please adjust the variables in ll. 5-7 to match the correct RandR output (run xrandr without any parameters to find it) and the desired resoultion.


# Adjust these parameters to your needs.
# These worked for me (AOC E1659Fwu)

MODELINE="$(cvt ${HORIZONTAL_RES} ${VERTICAL_RES} | tail -n 1 | awk '{for (i=3; i<=NF; i++) print $i}')"
MODELINE_NAME=$(echo ${MODELINE} | awk '{print $1}' | sed -e 's/^"//' -e 's/"$//')

echo "Modeline:"

echo "[*] xrandr --newmode"
xrandr -d :0 --newmode ${MODELINE_NAME} ${MODELINE}

echo "[*] xrandr --addmode (${OUTPUT})"
xrandr -d :0 --addmode "${OUTPUT}" ${MODELINE_NAME}

echo "[*] Set new resolution"
xrandr -d :0 --output "${OUTPUT}" --mode ${MODELINE_NAME}
I'm still interested in any advice to stop my cursor from flickering on non-DisplayLink screens.

— Jan

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