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Default MacOS 10.13+ Constant Rebooting - Troubleshooting/Fix Steps

I've had problems with multiple different docking stations that use DisplayLink ever since MacOS moved most kernel extensions to user space. Below are the steps I used most recently to get my system to finally boot outside of safe mode.
  1. Disconnect and power off the docking station.
  2. Disconnect any non-monitor peripherals connected to the docking station - things like USB hubs or KVMs are particularly important to disconnect.
  3. Disconnect any other monitors and peripherals not connected through the docking station.
  4. Command+R on boot-up to get into maintenance mode and reinstall MacOS.
  5. Log into MacOS after reinstall and quit things with background processes like Docker. Make sure all third party and user apps are quit out of.
  6. Uninstall/Reinstall any docking station software - DisplayLink Manager app (see below).
  7. Update any apps or other software that needs updates.
  8. Consider replacing the usb-c/thunderbolt cable between the docking station and MacBook - do so if able to do so with an adequate cable.
  9. Make sure any USB hubs, KVMs, or other non-monitor peripherals are disconnected from the docking station.
  10. With the MacBook on and logged in and all relevant software re-installed/updated now power on and connect the docking station.
    • If the system doesn't crash and displays connected through it work wait 60+ seconds and then, in a one at a time sequencing, attach any additional monitors or peripherals not connected through the docking station - allowing time for the system to finish any detection and configuration for each.
    • If the system crashes, reboot in safe mode (boot with shift key held down), send the crash report to apple, and start over at step 1.
  11. After displays are working for a while, 60+ seconds, reconnect USB hubs, KVMs, or other peripherals to docking station.
  12. Consider life, existence, prayer, a different laptop and docking station, and the importance of methodical patience if none of the above work.
If your docking station uses the DisplayLink software that allows the docking station to serve multiple monitors you'll have to install the login plugin to get the uninstaller installed. You can then run the uninstaller and reinstall the login plugin after reinstalling the base manager app with the latest DisplayLink versions.

The above applied directly to a MacBook Pro 2018 - that's an Intel chip model but I suspect the steps would be of equal consequence, if any, to the M* chips.

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Default Bad Hardware

Doing a fresh search for my system's panic signature I now believe my issue is a GPU hardware failure due to the panic signature match and experiences described on this page: https://apple.stackexchange.com/ques...graphics-issue

Taking the MacBook in for hardware support.
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