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Default Dock/DisplayLink crashes repeatedly, Dell D6000, Ubuntu 20.04

I am using a Dell D6000 which uses DisplayLink and running Ubuntu 20.04. I have installed the Ubuntu 20.04 'fix' but I believe that was for a different issue.

My dock crashes ~10-20 times every day. The monitors turn off and come back on a few seconds later but more annoyingly it does something to the audio on the system and it switches off my headset to the dell docking station audio (I am guessing because it appears to be newly connected?) so I have to go and change it back manually. This is really irritating, especially when I'm on a call when it happens as I have to interrupt whoever is talking to tell them I need them to repeat what they were saying. I had to connect my Ethernet cable directly to my laptop because my connection would drop every time this happened and it would kill my VPN which I would have to manually restart.

Every once in a while (it just happened while typing this thread) the dock freezes up completely and freezes my monitors and does not work again until I restart my machine. I noticed that when this happens /opt/displaylink/DisplayLinkManager is no longer running. I tried manually running it but that doesn't fix the problem.

The first attachment is from right after the dock crashes and restarts. The second is from when it crashed while I was typing this and has not recovered yet.

Please help, this is incredibly frustrating. Thank you.
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