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Default Targus ACP71 + Epson EB-595i and 7.8&9 update no HDMI audio

Hi All,

We have about 60 Targus ACP71's dotted throughout a school connected to just about anything you can think of.

All of our laptops are running 7.9 M2 (deployed via SCCM)
Windows 8.1 patched to at least July 15 level

We have discovered an issue with the dock when its paired with an Epson EB-595wi projector over HDMI
No audio is getting to the projector from the dock(as far as we can tell)

We have tested 3 other spare docks all show the same issue when running 7.9
the 5 docks have been re-tested on a Hisense and a Sony with 7.9, all working with audio over HDMI
and at least 10 laptops have been tested running 8.1(staff laptops) and 10(our tester)

I have also tested on a clean laptop various version of the software and running the cleaner after each un-install

By works I mean audio is sent to the Epson over HDMI and we can hear it
7.5M1 works
7.6M1 works
7.7M3 works
7.8M0 fails
7.9M0 fails

I was testing using a windows 8.1 laptop with current patches (10/9/15) with the docks firmware up to the level of 7.9M0
the laptop believes its outputting audio to the dock just fine
All cables have been changed at one point or another, tested with HDMI 1.4 and 2 cables

My guess something changed in 7.8's audio driver and that the Epson HDMI port doesn't like it

Any help to solve would be great

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Thanks for reaching out.

Can you attach the output of this tool?

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Sorted out by support ticket,

now waiting for next release to roll out to our devices

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