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Default How many monitors can Displaylink chips support?

I'm pointing this question to Alban because I have found in depth answers elsewhere on the forum from you and I think you would know the answer. More than happy to have responses from others also.

I was previously trying to use a Dell D6000 as Alban noted here, https://displaylink.org/forum/showthread.php?t=65335, the third monitor isn't on your technology.

Do you have any idea how Baseus has deployed your technology in https://us.baseus.com/p/baseus-docki...cos-laptops-71 in terms of supporting a 3rd and 4th monitor?

More generally, does your chip even support 3 or 4 displays? Is every manufacturer of docks using your chips and offering more than 2 monitors, also deploying some other chip/technology to go beyond two monitors?

Thank you.
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Hello Ben,
It depends on the chip and the number of chips used. On the DL-6000 series, it goes from 1 to 4. But you can daisy chain and add more.

I looked at the Baseus description in details.
Because the image called "MacBook 16 inch (Extend Mode)" has the two bottom extended displays showing identical content and the description talks about 4Kp30 on DP1.2 laptops, I believe that docking station is an hybrid dock.

Hybrid meaning it uses two technologies. DisplayLink DL-6950 to offer dual 4Kp60 whatever the laptop/USB connector shape, and DisplayPort MST (Multi-Stream Transport for more than 1 display) for the remaining two with capability dependent on the laptop OS and GPU (note that DisplayPort MST can be made available to an HDMI socket on the dock so looking at the dock cannot tell you what's driving it). macOS does not support MST, that's why both monitors show identical content. DisplayPort on that dock requires a USB-C plug.
The Dell D6000 you are talking about is using a DisplayLink DL-6950 + DisplayPort SST (Single Stream Transport for a single display).

DisplayLink DL-6910 chipset can drive up to 4x 4Kp60. An example is Targus Dock570.
DisplayLink DL-6950 dual 4Kp60.

We also have older generation products driving 3 and 4 displays using only DisplayLink technology.
Hybrid docks are currently very popular.

Regards, Alban
Note that DisplayLink has been part of Synaptics since 2020 and Synaptics portfolio also includes DisplayPort MST technology.
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