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Angry Dell D6000 USB-C <> HDMI problem


I am running the Dell D6000 against a Dell 7480.

Everything works fine with the default driver version installed by Windows 10 (8.3.2008.0). Since I wanted to install later drivers, I tried drivers from the Dell page and also from the Displaylink page but non of those seems to work correctly.

Even a newer driver from Windows update (8.5.3459.0) is not working. The only thing that helps is rolling back to the original driver. I even tried the latest driver from DisplayLink page.

I have only a single Lenovo FHD 27" screen connected via HDMI. With the newer driver versions this screen is not detected, I just hear the USB plug/unplug sound all the time. WIth the original driver it works straight away.

Dell 7480 BIOS is up-to-date and also the latest Intel Graphics driver is installed ( Everything is running on Windows 10 1803.

When I connect the dock to a USB-A port everything works even with newer drivers.

What could be causing this issue?

Thanks for your help.
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I have checked further, in the eventlog following error is there (with latest displaylink driver):

The device Dell Universal Dock D6000 (location 0000.0014.0000. is offline due to a user-mode driver crash. Windows will attempt to restart the device 5 more times. Please contact the device manufacturer for more information about this problem.

Disabling and enabling the device helps the issue.

Meanwhile I have written a script which kicks in when I plug in AC:

$d = Get-PnpDevice| where {$_.friendlyname -like "Dell Universal Dock D6000"}
Start-Sleep -s 15
$d | Disable-PnpDevice -Confirm:$false
Start-Sleep -s 10
$d | Enable-PnpDevice -Confirm:$false

What could be the problem?
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This issue seems to only happen the second time when I dock my computer. First docking works. The when undocking / docking again the HDMI screen is not coming up.

Other docking station (same model, same firmware) with screen connected through DisplayPort works fine, so this seems to be only happening with HDMI screen connected.

Noone else experiencing this issue?
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Same problem here with a DELL Precision 5530 Notebook on Windows 10 latest and a USB3to4k DisplayLink adapter. Same error message. Same behaviour.
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Hi asdfsafd,

glad that I am not alone.

Are you able to collect logs for this to post it here for DL team? I am not able to since my company does not allow me tu run the software from DL to collect the logs...
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I would like to apologize for the delay in getting back to you.

As your dock works fine in USB-A mode, I don't see the issue is with DisplayLink chip, driver or firmware.
The HDMI output can be driven from 2 different modes: DisplayLink over standard USB, or DisplayPort Alternate-Mode over USB-C plug.
The internal circuitry of the Dell D6000 means that for DisplayLink, everything is DisplayPort (Dell has DisplayPort to HDMI converter to drive the HDMI output from either DisplayLink or DisplayPort over USB-C).
From a driver point of view, having a DisplayPort or HDMI is not different.
I think the dock USB-C controller is playing up here. It doesn't activate in USB-A mode, and you seem to have full functionality in USB-A mode.

Would you please be able to use the Dell flasher to update the controller they have in the dock?

If you've got access to C:\Windows\Temp\DisplayLink, I could also have a look at DisplayLinkManager.log, to be taken just after you've reproduced the problem and then disconnected the dock (so the file isn't open).

Kind regards,
Alban Rampon
Senior product manager, universal docking stations and accessories
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