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Default Non admin windows 10 user for usb a to HDMI


I have a conference room set up with a video system that requires two video inputs from one laptop. To make this work, I would like to purchase a usb to hdmi video adapter because the laptops that are hooking up to the video system only have one HDMI output. Therefore, to allow two video outputs from one computer a usb to hdmi video adapter is needed. I purchased a Startech device to try to accomplish this, that was not DisplayLink certified. Unfortunately, when you plug the adapter in to the laptop usb port, nothing happens as a driver is required for the adapter to work. To further complicate this issue, the users here are not local administrators on their laptops. Therefore, not only does nothing happen unless a driver is downloaded and installed, the users cannot do this as they are not admins on their own machines.

If an adapter is DisplayLink certified, does that mean the adapter will simply work using built in windows 10 drivers? If a user walks up to the conference system and plugs into the adapter, will it simply just work even though they are not admins on their laptop? or will a driver still be needed to download and install? I am asking because I already purchased a non DisplayLink adapter and it is not going to work given that the user will have to download and install a driver and then will not be able to because of their local permissions. I want to avoid having the user do anything and the adapter just works when you plug it into their laptop. Will a Display Link certified adapter accomplish this?

Thank You

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Hello Craig,

DisplayLink drivers are not built into the OS and devices powered by DisplayLink technology also require drivers. Those cam be installed manually by downloading the installation files and also those can be installed automatically upon first connection with the device. That is because our drivers are published in Windows Updates. If users are not blocked from this type of driver download then the driver should install this way.

If you have more questions please let us know.

We also encourage you to contact our support team directly via email: technical-enquiries@synaptics.com.
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