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Default Pointer Trails and weird updating Ubuntu 19.10


I am using Ubuntu 19.10 with the 5.2 drivers and am having trouble with pointer updating.

When I move the pointer, I often get unwanted pointer trails that flicker in a sequence of like 4 or 5 frames until the screen gets updated where the pointer is drawn.

I have a lenovo dual dvi usb 3.0 dock and a imo touch 7" usb monitor (I'm pretty sure it's displaylink and I have triple display on the laptop's intel integrated graphics (laptop screen, vga out and hdmi out).

So actually there's 6 monitors total. (2 on lenovo dock, 1 usb imo touch, 3 on laptop).

I don't know if this is a problem with the intel drivers or the displaylink drivers but it occurs on every single monitor when it happens.

Another trigger for pointer update problems is to choose the Largest pointer in Ubuntu's Universal Access Cursor Size Control panel.

00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 06)

Oddly, if I unplug the imo 7" usb monitor, I don't get the pointer trails.

Also it seems very important for all of the displaylink devices to be on at bootup, or I have problems.

Turning off the usb monitor while the system is running will often lead to blank screens that necessitate a reboot. The system still runs and I can get to the VT console, but the x server is essentially unusable.

I'm a little afraid to update to the latest drivers since it runs so well (aside from this problem).

Video showing pointer trails:


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Thank you for your patience.

Based on your description and issue I would recommend checking this article. and Disabling PageFlip for modsetting.

Please let me know if the issue is solved for you after this step.

Thank you for your actions.

Best regards,
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Yes it did solve the pointer trails at the expense of a flickering mouse pointer. I suppose it's better than pointer trails 8-)
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