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Exclamation Problem with KVM using DL-6950 Docking Station

I'm using a Win10 laptop with a Kensington SD4900P (DL-6950) docking station. The docking station is connected to an ATEN CS1924M KVM switch via DispalyPort; the switch is connected to a single Dell U3219Q monitor via DisplayPort. The (native) resolution on the laptop screen is 1920x1080; the monitor is set to 3840x2160 @ 60Hz. All DP cables have been tested and work reliably with 4K @ 60Hz. The Win10 desktop is extended between the laptop screen and the monitor, and the monitor is set as the main display.

The size and position of open windows on the monitor should remain the same when switching to a different KVM port and back again. However, when switching away from the KVM port the SD4900P is connected to, the laptop acts like the docking station has been disconnected: it makes the laptop screen the main display and moves/resizes/repositions all of the open windows from the monitor to the laptop screen. When switching back to the KVM port with the SD4900P, the monitor becomes the main display again but all the windows are re-displayed in the size/position they were on the laptop screen, not the way they were originally displayed on the monitor. This is quite disruptive and maddening when you spend a lot of time switching back and forth between different computers attached to the KVM switch - every time you switch away from the SD4900P and back you have to re-size and re-position every single window you had open to get them back where they were. This occurs when connecting the SD4900P to the laptop using either USB-C or USB-A ports on the laptop.

This problem appears to be specific to the DL-6950 chipset. I've tested the same laptop in the same configuration with a Kensington SD4000 docking station (DL-5900) and an HP 3005pr docking station (DL-3900) and neither have this problem.

Any help resolving this would be most appreciated.
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Just a quick update for anyone else who is struggling with this DL-6950 problem: Try setting the KVM switch focus to the port with the docking station (Port 1 in my case), disconnect the power to the KVM switch for 10 seconds, and then connect it back. This seems to temporarily solve the monitor disconnect/window resizing/repositioning problem, although rebooting the laptop appears to make the problem return. The DL-6950 does not handle DDC/EDID over DisplayPort very well.
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