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Default Help in making monitor options retain after reboot?

I have my Lubuntu 20.04LTS system up and running with Displaylink 5.5 Beta, and (after some initial hurdles) I now have two external monitors working fine. The problem is that this vanishes each time I shut the system off and I have to set it up again. I'm clicking "Save" in the LXQt GUI for Monitors, but for some reason, it's just gone once I shut down.

Also, I'd really like to know how to make it switch from 3 screens (my laptop plus the 2 external ones) to two screens (just the external ones) when the laptop screen is closed. Or maybe just keep the 2 screens. Right now it will shut ALL the monitors off if I close the laptop. I also got into trouble by disabling the laptop screen only to find after reboot the screen stayed disabled but the 2 monitors were also blank. I had locked myself out completely. I have found how to keep the third screen on (even while closed) but if the mouse wanders into that screen I have to open it up again to find where it is so I can lead it back to the main monitors.

Ideally, I'd like to come down, turn my laptop on and close the lid, wait while it boots, and have the 2 big external monitors come on with the login screen. Then if I remove it from the D3100 docking station, it will just use the laptop's screen. Can this be done?

I was having an issue with the system freezing up after 5-10 mins of use, but I think (hope!) I've fixed that: It seems to be that disabling Secure Boot is the culprit. You have to keep that on, at least in my case, or things go bad quickly.

Thank you in advance for help with the monitors. I'm using Lubuntu 20.04LTS, 2 DisplayPort Dell monitors, a Dell D3100 docking station, and a Dell Inspiron 3511 connected via usb through the docking station.
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