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Post Ubuntu 20.04 and High CPU utilization

I've found this forum because of problems with CPU utilization after I bught docking station i-tec cadual4kdock and I'm using it with Dell Latitude 5591 i7-8850H
Intel UHD Graphics 630 and two monitors 2K and 4K
At the begining I use XFCE and CPU usage was more than 200%

After some reserch I found some improvements
1. Switch to Gnome Wayland
2. Update kernel to newest one - now it is 5.6.0-1028-oem
3. Update BIOS for Dell to 1.13.1
4. install graphics drivers from repository ppa: oibaf/graphics-drivers "4.6 Mesa 20.3.0-devel (git-924e276 2020-09-23 focal-oibaf-ppa)"

Now one DisplayLinkManager process use about 15% and second about 4%.
When I move mouse it jumps to about 50% but during meetings, teams etc. DisplayLinkManager sill eat over 200% of CPU.
It's much better but not pefrect.

DisplayLink Team do you work on some improvements for Linux users?

Best Regards

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And finally i-tec cadual4kdock packed and prepared to return. DisplayLinkManager uninstalled. This is waste of time.

Best Regards
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Having exactly the same problem - it seems that it's fundamentally broke given the number of complaints, yet nothing seemingly is being done about it.
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This has been an issue for at least 7 years. Are there any chance it will be fixed during the next 7 years?
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