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Bo Pritchard
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Default Installation Fails

I've tried 3 different versions of the software 1.3(which came with my adapter) and both 1.7 and 1.8 from this site. They all fail during installation. I wish I had more information but the failure seems to be pretty generic. What am I supposed to do?
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Old 04-25-2012, 07:27 PM   #2
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Default Me too

Hi ..
I have the same errors ... i followed this on the knowledge base
(http://displaylink.com/support/ticket.php?id=318) with no help
The uninstall does not run at all ...

I have no other problem with my imac ...

come on guys solve the problem i have a useless little black brick on my desk !!!

i mave a Imac 3.06 Ghz 8gb ram
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Mac Team
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I've had the same exact thing. You are most likely using a decompression tool that you have downloaded from the App Store, like "The Unarchiver".
As you know all Mac Store applications now need to be sandboxed, this means the can't get access to admin privileges and resources.
Due to a feature/bug/oversight (pick the one you prefer) in Lion, all files created by sandboxed applications are quarantined as if they were potentially dangerous files downloaded from the Internet.
So the disk image of our driver if decompressed by an app from the Mac Store gets quarantined!
The installer needs some scripts to be run but quarantined scripts can be run only if manually confirmed by a user. And the installer does not allow user interaction for scripts so it can only fail.

Solution? Decompress the zip using a different tool not downloaded from the App Store. Select the .zip file, press command-I, from the "Open with:" menu choose the Archive Utility.

Then everything should be ok.

We'll add this as a FAQ, it's incredibly annoying.

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fail, failing install, install, installation

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