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Default extended display blinks intermittently (including video)

device : MacBook Air M2 15"(2023)
DisplayLink device : Haggis CD100 8K Triple Display Docking Station (Chip : DL6590)
OS : macOS Sonoma 14.5
Extend Monitor : PHILIPS 275S1 (2K 75Hz)

I wanted a smooth use but the screen blinks intermittently, very often and I can't work on it.

I tried connecting both HDMI type 2 and DP, and I tried to adjust the refresh rate or turn on and off the adaptive sync, but the problem occurred without fail.

The 4k Samsung SmartMonitor M7 monitor is connected via HDMI with Dock's normal HW connection. Very stable.
The 2K Philips 275S1 monitor is connected to the DisplayLink terminal on the dock, and is connected to the HDMI or DP.

It is not a high-quality cable, but a bundle cable of a monitor, but it is not unreasonable to connect a 2K monitor. I am hesitating to buy a new cable because the problem occurred when using both HDMI and DP.

Below is a video of the problem.

I send DanielSznicer, DisplayLink tech support, DisplayLink information files.

I hope to help solve the problem and wish everyone happiness.

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Default delete through AppCleaner and re-install !

I deleted the program I installed through AppCleaner, reinstalled it, and rebooted it. It blinks less frequently!
(Correction: It became more frequent after the second reboot, but less so than when I first posted it.)

The cause seems to be a crash between the DisplayLink software and macOS or my computer.

For those who are experiencing the same problem as me, please write down the cause, software improvement, and solution, and it would be helpful if you could refer to these problems again.

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