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XPS 15 9560 + D6000 (17.10, 4.13 kernel)

I have noticed that then I plug in the dock via normal USB3 (not the Type-C port) and supply the laptop with power from another AC (the original one form laptop) the disconnects happen much less frequently.

1 day of tests: 1 disconnect.

Today I will however test Type-C + intel_iommu fix proposed by FrodeJemtland. Will let you know by the end of the day.

My current config: https://displaylink.org/forum/showth...4543#post84543

PS: To the mods. The 300s reply time is stupid... Why do I have to wait so long before replying in threads relevant to my problems?

Type-C with new settings - 3 disconnects within 20 minutes, going back to charger + USB3

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Default Final solution.....


I'm giving up on the D6000. I'm feed up.

After reading other posts about this I see others are doing the same.

I'm in a position that I have access to other dockings, so changing to Dell TB16 was quite easy. (Should have done it weeks ago....)
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Default This may help

Hi all,
I have the same issue with disconnecting display link. I am using Ubuntu Mate 17.10 with the Dell D6000.

For me, it seems to be related to using the audio output. Every time I use my computer without listening to music, the display link will disconnect. When I am listening to music, display link is maintained. I have repeated this about a dozen times over the last week or so.

It's not a fix, but it makes it much easier to manage whilst we wait for an updated driver that hopefully fixes this issue.

It would be interesting if other people are able to repeat this with their set-ups.

Many thanks,
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Default Solution

Hi all,

Does someone has found a solution ( or do you know an other dock which is fully compatible with ubuntu ? )

Thanks in advance

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