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Not a great workaround, but I am able to get three external monitors by connecting 2 display port monitors (HDMI monitors using a DP to HDMI adapter) to the Dell dock connected to one USB-C port and then plug the third HDMI monitor (through a cheap Amazon USB-C dock) to the other USB-C port.

Works on my M2 Macbook Air, but uses both USB-C/Thunderbolt ports. (Ventura)
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DisplayLink Tech Support
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As there are too many reports with various devices we recommend reporting issues to our team directly so we can focus on your case specifically and anwser all questions. Please send us an email to technical-enquiries@synaptics.com.
Thank you.
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Same here.

Model: MacBook Air M2 2023
macOS: Sonoma 14.0
Dockstation: Dell D6000S (USB-C)
DisplayLink Manager: 1.10

Only 2 out of 3 monitors are working.
Monitor 1: Dell P2422HE - Works via DisplayPort
Monitor 2: Dell P2422H - Works via DisplayPort
Monitor 3: Dell P2422H - Not working via HDMI

When I unplug 1 or 2, then 3 works. But can't get all of them to work at the same time.
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I moved away from this dock for this reason..

Running the Alogic DX3 now and all works great
MacBook Air 15 M2 Midnight
3x Dell U2723QE 27 4K
Alogic DX3 Dock
DL 1.10.0 Build 117
Sonoma 14.1.1

My Setup
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Default I found a workaround!

I found a "dumb" workaround.

I plugged the third monitor directly on-to my Macbook Air via USB-C cable. I tried both with DP-USB-C cable and with a USB-C--USB-C cable (my monitor also has USB-C out) and it works. So the setup is:

Macbook Air M2 2023:

- USB-C port 1 goes to D6000 that goes to Monitor 1 and Monitor 2
- USB-C port 2 goes to Monitor 3

Not ideal, but it works. Hope this helps anyone else.
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Default Workaround

Hi, i have the same issue. I changed my MacBook Pro M1 by a MacBook Pro M2 and the Dell Dock D6000 not recognizes anymore the third monitor conected by HDMI.

The workaround is connect the third monitor by HDMI (use an adapter if only have USB-C ports) into the other port of the mac

If this problem is fixed in another version of Displaylink please let me known

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Originally Posted by KatarzynaCzaja View Post
We have tested Macs with M2 chip internally and it seems that those do not support Alt-mode technology. Which will result in HDMI not working when using 3 external monitors with Dell D6000 or Dell D6000S.
M2/M3 chips definitely supports Alt-mode. I tried these three docks with my M3 Macbook Pro and my 3 plugged displays works great:

MOKIN 3 display
- https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B0C9ZHT3HQ

WAVLINK triple 4K 12-in-1
- https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B0C4P2JL1J/r

ANKER 10 in 1
- https://www.amazon.ca/Anker-MacBooks...dp/B09XH3PD25/

The issue is with the Dell D6000. HDMI works great with M1 but not M2 and M3 macbooks.

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