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Default Driver 4.3 (206) Not Working on OSX 10.11.6

I just received my new AOC I1659FWUX, downloaded & installed "DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for Mac OS X and macOS 4.3.1.dmg (which installs "DisplayLinkDriver 4.3 (206) and the following bizarre behavior results after a restart:

- I plug the monitor in & it's recognized, but looks blank.
- When I go to System Preferences / Displays / Arrangement, I can see the monitor represented, and, if I move it in the Arrangement window, the monitor lights up, gets a background image and a disabled menubar, and a dialog for scaling & frequency.
- The mouse pointer moves into the display & moves around normally, but clicking has no effect anywhere, and nothing on the monitor gets focus.
- If I try to drag windows into it from my main display, the move over & disappear form the main display, but are not displayed on the monitor.

*Here's where it gets weird:
If I let the displays go to sleep, and then wake them by moving the mouse pointer around in the 1659WX, it looks like it gets the focus, but nothing happens if I click on a drop-down or similar.
If while it "has the focus" I grab the title-bar on the 1659WX dialog and move it, it looks like nothing happens, until I move the focus back to the main display. Then the 1659WX blinks and re-draws with the dialog moved to where I had tried to drag it earlier, and stops updating again.

In short, there's obviously something wrong with the 4.3 (206) driver trying to run against El Capitan 10.11.6. Is there someplace where I can get & try older versions of the Displaylink driver for El Capitan, or should I just return the monitor?
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Default Problem Solved!

4.3.1 did not work on OSX 10.11.6 as reported above. Scrolling down on the downloads page there is a "Previous DisplayLink Software Releases" section. Picked 4.1.11 from there, installed it, and the monitor works - it buzzes loudly, but the display functions work correctly.

I'll try 2.5.1 next & see whether that fixes the buzzing problem.
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