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Default Keyboard and mouse lag and stuck behaviour


I have a an HP Folio 13-2000 laptop which I use which several docking stations at work (often StarTech USB3SDOCKHDV but some others too).

Since I upgraded to Windows 10, I see a strange behaviour, which I interpret as lag between the keyboard / mouse and computer. What happens:
  • The mouse pointer sometimes lags behind the movement inputs
  • Some keyboard presses are missed especially when I type a bit fast (I notice on screen that some letters don't show up)
  • Some keyboard presses are repeated, for example I type the word "display" and the word "diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisplay" shows up.

I have looked at the http://support.displaylink.com/knowl...ncy-desktop-pi and tried several things, like uninstalling and reinstalling the latest DisplayLink software and drivers, making sure I have the latest Intel video drivers, making the min processor speed 50%, etc. but nothing works. The problem is intermittent and could be linked to high CPU usage but also happens during low CPU usage so it's a bit annoying.

Before you ask: the keyboard and mouse are plugged (USB) into the docking station, which is itself plugged into the USB3 port of the laptop.

I'd be grateful for any insights!

Many thanks
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Thanks for reaching out.

Is the same behaviour observed when you connect the mouse & keyboard directly to your notebook?

Could you also post the output of this tool so I can take a look?

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Hi James, I have attached the diagnostics file.
Yes, plugging the mouse or keyboard directly "solves" the issue but I only have one other USB port so I can't have both unfortunately.

Thank you,
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So... It looks like this maye be solved, at leats I have not had issues for the past few hours. It looks like what helped was installing the host drivers from http://www.frescologic.com/support.php as I have a Fresco USB3 hub in my laptop, but I'm not 100% sure.

Incidentally this would go against the advice you have on this page http://support.displaylink.com/knowl...ncy-desktop-pi where you say "If you have Windows 8 or above installed then the driver is supplied and controlled by Microsoft"...

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keyboard, lag, mouse lag

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