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Default Annoying issues, already present in previous versions, and new ones


I have a single usb connected monitor, and with 2.3 I still have a problem with Preview miniatures sidebar showing just garbage in any of attached displays (macbook display, minidisplayport attached one and usb connected one):


the "garbage" changes if I drag the window around, and often starts to flicker.

Once I detach usb monitor, and close and reopen the document, the problem goes away...

This is not just annoying, but troublesome as I often use sidebar miniatures view to reorganize pages in pdf odcs...

Moreover there are now some artifacts and strange ghost window parts showing only in the usb connected monitor.
You can see an example of this here:


There is an about 20 pixel wide column on the left of the window, showing a transparent slice of the same window. This does not happen with any windows, looks limited to some apps windows, for example Interarchy, as in the above screenshot...
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