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Default Nvidia surround and lilliput 8" problems- not working! :(

Ok, finally got the displays to work with the machine. The problem is that they will not work or allow nvidia surround to function.
Asus rampage formula IV latest bios
16GB Memory
3930K- stock
single EVGA GTX680FTW+ 4096MB card
Raid 0 Striped 256 Vertex 4 SS'd 1.5 firmware
WD 1TB fass 7200RPM drive
NEC USB 3.0 pci-e 2 port card -latest firmware and drivers
USB devices- Track IR 5 Pro
Thrustmaster MFD's
Thrustmaster cougar +pedals
logitech pro 9000 Webcam
Broadcom no name band Bluetooth dongle
Logitech G510 keyboard
Microsoft wireless laser mouse 6000
WD USB 2.0 2.5" 1TB drive
3 samsung 32" TV LED screens
windows 7 x64 uptodate hotfixes and SP's
office suite-word, Outlook etc
Software TSR's (loaded applications)

logitech webcam controller
EVGA precision X - monitoring software
windows server essentials 2012 launchpad /dashboard

Nvidia driver revision is 306.97

I'm at a loss as to how to proceed. I've read through all the posts here that even remotely could help out but the only one from grymm seemed to be close but there was scant information there. I've sent grymm a message hoping for a reply but not hopeful as its been several months since that post.

Wim ...anyone able to help out ...maybe its a 'do it in this order thing' that may work out ...but I'm stumped.
this is going to be used as a screen for the MFD's in DCS A10C when I can ge these working...

Sigh!!! most most frustrating.
any help appreciated.
I've uploaded the support files zip and hopefully this may reveal some vital piece of information
Attached Files
File Type: zip GAME_20121107_213048.zip (2.33 MB, 3 views)
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Default nVidia surround huge mess

just received my Lilliput 7" and plugged it in, installed drivers following instructions and BAM, i lost my nvidia surround setup... and i soon realize (no matter what i try) that i can use EITHER 3 monitors in surround as usual (i got 2xGTX670) OR the external usb display along with my central monitor only. That is obviously not what i was after. Also, latest 7.1 version of displalink won't make me change settings in nvidia control panel unless i stop displayinkuseragent from breaking the system. Then i can obviously re-enable surround but i can't run the usb monitor. So i'm running in circles, boooting and rebooting and reinstalling and looking on forums and trying every possible route: no luck.
I read there are people who managed to make similar systems work. Maybe i just need the right insight, or different version of the nvidia drivers?

Sorry if i sound rude, i'm usually not but it's 5hrs and a half i am trying to make this %&$ work and i am afraid i'll have to return the monitor back,unless someone here is really wanting to help.

Win7 64
nVidia 310.90
2x GTX670 running 3 27" monitors.
Lilliput um70/c/t
Tried displaylink versions 6.1,6.3 and latest (starting with latest)

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Browsing the forum to find solutions to the same issue. Found nothing significant, and i see you got no reply at all.
This is a very bad sign for my case :/
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see attachment for support analysis
Attached Files
File Type: zip ENRICO-PC_20130108_003418.zip (1.78 MB, 0 views)
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A good guy over at iRacing forum helped me and this - thank god - was easier than i thought. I just needed to go into windows resolution settings after the side monitors shut down, and increase the resolution back to 5760x1080. Only remaining issues are: my taskbar is now spanning across all 3 monitors (and so when i maximize a window it will span all over while usuallynvidia surround will put everything on the center monitor); i cannot access the nvidia control panel while running the usb monitor; i cannot modify my surround/sli settings unless i manually stop linkuseragentui.exe
Minor issues compared to not working at all, still quite annoying. But i am happier now. Farewell.
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drivers, lilliput, mfd, nvidia, surround

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