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Unhappy 1.2.58 Not working on Ubuntu 16.04

I am trying to use an ASUS MB168+(1080p) on ASUS X550LA. I have tried to reinstall the driver a few times, but I get the same problem each time.

When the device is plugged in it shows up with the primary screen content, then after a few seconds it goes black, then maybe starting up again with a weird pattern, blackening and starting one or more times before crashing entirely, while in this process the computer runs exceptionally slowly. I remember the screen worked briefly the first time(through not very responsively or reliably) but then after messing about trying to run an HDMI monitor at the same time it is reliably having the described problem, even with reinstalls.
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Default Same issue

I'm having the same problem on a T460s running Fedora 24 (rpm built from https://github.com/hadess/displaylink-rpm).

On my Sager laptop running Arch, only one of my external monitors works with the new driver (and it acts up a fair bit).

The previous driver works relatively well on both laptops (with some flickering here and there and a bit laggy screen).

I'm attaching logs from my Fedora machine, first not working with new version, then working after downgrading.
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Red face Fixed Ish with 1.2.62

After uninstalling again, and removing the old installer and downloading a new installer(1.2.62)
I was able to get working however.

- had to go to display options to turn on the screen.
- initially it is set to standard definition
- changing to high definition made the built in screen split in half
- changing back to standard definition meant only one screen was active
- changing back to high definition again worked.

So it's better for now but not very confident it will continue to work.

Hope this helps
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Default Fixed But With glitches

Also still seeing mouse tails and low responsiveness.

Screen repaints elements at something like 10-20 Hz but only refreshes every 2 secs.
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DisplayLinkManager daemon uses about 50% cpu when window switching
This is on a quad core i5 1.4Ghz
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That's 50% of one core of your quad core machine, effectively just about 10% of your CPU. Handling more screens is not free, so slightly increased CPU usage during more intensive screen changes is the price - normally you would not even notice because it would have been used in kernel space, in our case it's a process in userspace which you can monitor.

Can you record a video showing the mouse tails, low responsiveness and the problem with refreshes? Is the laptop lid closed by any chance; if yes, does it get better if you keep it open?

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bug, crash, flickering, ubuntu 16.04

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