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So I finally got my device and tested it out a bit, and I have to say I'm very positively surprised how well the device is performing most of the time. The image quality is super crisp, no way near to the blurry and blocky Chromecast quality.

Although my first impression didn't go too smooth at first, as I had the DisplayLink Presenter and DisplayLink Desktop (Demo) installed at the same time, and eider these two or some other app I had installed on my phone clashed with the system when I connected the DisplayLink device, leaving all my 8 CPU cores maxed out at full speed during the whole time, draining huge amount of battery (It used up more than 50% in 10 to 20 minutes) and heating up the phone tremendously. But things changed quite drastically when I removed the DisplayLink Desktop (Demo) app and restarted my phone.

Once the conflict got solved, it was a huge surprise to see how efficiently the DisplayLink software was working. The CPU usage drops to near zero when nothing is changing on the Display, but even when you play a Video or a Game, I haven't seen any performance drops so far.

Going a bit more into details, the Motorola Moto G 5 Plus has the littleBIG architecture, which basically has two quad core CPUs inside, one low energy one that goes from 0,6GHz to 1,6GHz, and another one which is high performant but is less energy efficient one and goes up to 2GHz. These CPUs are enabled and disabled depending on the system need, so if the system needs a lot of processing power it would wake up the fast CPU.

So I played a 1080p movie with VLC (Hardware decoded), and it didn't even wake up the high performance CPU!! Even better, it was using the energy efficient CPU at only 1.4Ghz most of the time, which is nearly the same as it was without using the DisplayLink device. And the image quality was just super sharp like with a regular Blue Ray player.

Also for the sake of completeness, I wanted to see how much of a performance hit the DisplayLink device would have during Gaming and graphical intensive tasks. And I sincerely could barely see any performance hit. I tried with emulators like N64 and PSX, each of them rendering at native 1080p, and it was just smooth as butter during most of the time. I even tried GTA San Andreas which is pretty much a GPU monster, with the same settings I was using without DisplayLink and it was running as smooth as without the device. In the worst cases there would be some minor artifacts or glitches or some sporadic frame drops, which anyway just happen pretty rarely and only when the CPU gets maxed out.

It seems like DisplayLink priorizes the running application over itself, resulting in small graphical glitches and artifacts or sometimes even frame drops when the CPU is maxed out, but the app that is running doesn't seems to perform any slower. I think that's a really neat way of working.

So all in one, I'm really happy with the device, and surprised how efficiently it works. It works perfectly for what I need it to, from simple browsing and document editing, to movie watching and even quite intensive gaming.

The only device that didn't work so well was my tablet device with the 2K screen, which I guess uses a lot of CPU for downscaling the image, or something else is going on, because I only get the screen with a lot of artifacts and cracking sound. But sincerely I barely tried it out during 5 minutes, so maybe there was also something conflicting. But I will look into that later on.

Once again, thank you @AlbanRampon for all the help. The device was a total hit for me. I just hope that some day there will be a mobile targeted DisplayLink device that would allow to charge the mobile device while using the DisplayLink screen, altough I guess that the DL docking station is as close to that as it can get by now.

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