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Unhappy D6000 fails to paint multiple displays when using id card

Situation: D6000, 1 Dell 7480, 2 Dell Monitors. When ID card is removed and then reinserted, the non-laptop monitors, one or the other or both, will not resume the display. Instead, they are locked, perhaps in midscreen paint. If a new application is started on the screen, it works, but moving the window leads to a tracing of the window's path one right after the other. If Google Chrome happens to be on the display, Chrome will either only partly repaint, stopping in mid stream, or it will not paint at all, leaving a black screen. However, if I move the mouse over the Chrome window, the screen will paint following the mouse cursor.

This situation occurs whether I use one or two monitors, or leave the laptop closed or open.

I have this all documented if necessary to post, but I'd have to go in and remove some identifying information, so I'd rather not post the entire report.

update: reading various web page contributions, I see that the D6000 has its own graphics processor. So doesn't that mean that Hardware graphics acceleration needs to be disabled? I found that if I disable Google Chrome's own setting for hardware acceleration, the problem with Google Chrome goes away. As soon as I restart Chrome!


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The Dell D6000 docking station does not have its own graphics processor.
The computer graphics processing unit is what is computing graphics. Computed pixels are handed over to DisplayLink driver which does the encapsulation and shipping through USB to then be decoded in the docking station.

We would need logs, like with all the other threads in this forum, to understand your configuration and have an idea of what you're using, if we want to make relevant comment. What is especially important is the OS and the CPU+GPU details but I believe that latter is a 7th generation Intel CPU with 7th generation Intel GPU.
The last link of my forum signature details how to use the tool to generate the ZIP you can upload here.

Refresh issues are usually linked with using the Basic mode rather than Aero mode.
Basic is NOT hardware accelerated and has screen update issues, whether DisplayLink is present or not is not.
Possibly your ID thing switches to Basic mode and then you have problems with screen updates. Also possible is that the primary graphics card driver don't handle Windows 10 Anniversary Update onwards indirect display architecture.

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d6000, id card, multiple monitors

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