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Default Mouse cursor jumps to other screen

I am running KDE with Ubuntu 20.04 on a Dell Latitude 5500 with two Dell U2412M monitors connected via a D6000 dock. For the most part, this setup works well.

The laptop screen is on the left and the two monitors are extended to the right.

In a Google Chrome browser on the middle screen, I was having some difficulty clicking in the scroll bar on the right side of the browser. When I tried to mouse into the scroll bar, the cursor jumped from the middle screen to the right edge of the right screen.

I replaced the connection for the right hand screen with an HDMI connection and the issue disappeared.

Unfortunately, I cannot upload the output from DLSupportTool, with NGINX reporting:
413 Request Entity Too Large
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Default Similar Issue

I'm running Cinnamon with Ubuntu 18.04 on a Dell Precision 7530 with three Dell U2410 monitors - one (left, X screen 0) HDMI to the laptop, two (middle, right, PRIME displays) DisplayLink to the D6000 dock. The laptop screen is not used except during login.

NVIDIA Driver: 440.100, DisplayLink Driver:

I'm seeing the same issue and it makes using any UI controls very difficult when they are on the right side of the middle display, which is very frequent.

When the mouse is between 3-4 "mouse widths" from the right side of the middle display, its image (but not actual location) jumps back and forth to roughly the same position on the right display. Similarly, when very close to the left of the right display, its image jumps to roughly the same position on the middle display.

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Default I'm also experiencing this issue

I'm also experiencing this issue on a Dell XPS 15 9560 laptop with a Dell D6000 dock. Laptop screen sitting to the left. 2 x HP L2445 monitors (1920 x 1200) middle and right.

When mouse cursor gets near right-hand-side of middle monitor or left-hand-side of right monitor it flickers and 'jumps' to the other monitor. Sometimes you can see it displayed on both monitors at the same time.

I just upgraded Ubuntu to 20.04 and so I had to update the DisplayLink driver to

I also experienced this same problem with previous driver versions too. Displaylink driver version Release: 4.4 (17 Oct 2018) on Ubuntu 18.04 was the last driver version that didn't have this issue. And so it's been what I've been using since I got the laptop and dock. It was actually quite solid.

Something got broken after driver version 4.4 that causes this issue.

[ removed: I'm also getting sync drops with the newer driver too. Driver version 4.4 did not present any sync drops.]
added: I made a change and not getting the 'screen-drop-out' issues now. It seems like this thing was an old, old, old bug that still hasn't been remedied years later. Urgghhhh!!! Here are the notes I had in my old pulse audio /etc/default.pa file from years ago which I found and applied to my ubuntu 18.04->20.04 upgrade and seems to have fixed the intermittent screen-blank issue - so far, at least;

# GavinE - disabled because this was causing havoc with my D6000 dock! The audio would power off and shut screens of too!
# see https://github.com/displaylink-rpm/d...rpm#dell-d6000 and
# https://displaylink.org/forum/showth...5116#post85116 spcifically https://displaylink.org/forum/showpost.php?p=85116
#load-module module-suspend-on-idle

So just the ridiculous mouse cursor issue left to fix it seems.

I've included logs from the support tool.

@DisplayLink, is anyone investigating a fix for this issue?
[edit: hellloooo?? Is there anybody out there? ]
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I am having the same issue here:
- OS: Ubuntu 20.04 with GeForce RTX 2060 (Driver Version: 450.80.02).
- Displaylink-Driver: 5.3.1
- Kernel: 5.4.0.-53
- Docking Station: Thinkpad Hybrid USB-C with USB-A

Logs generated by the Support tool is attached.

Any ideas of how to solve this?
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Default I've found a kind-of fix for this

After a brief look at the code today I found a way to work-around this issue but be warned it means more CPU usage by the displayLinkManager process when moving the mouse around (not at rest). This is because the fix causes marking of the full screen as dirty when the mouse moves instead of just drawing over the old cursor and drawing the new cursor. It didn't make much difference on my machine in normal circumstances but if you're short on cpu you might notice the difference. YMMV.

Here's the relevant code in 1.7.0 evdi driver for interest sake;
if (evdi->cursor_events_enabled)
evdi_painter_send_cursor_move(evdi->painter, evdi->cursor); <---- the more efficient, but broken, cursor move method
evdi_mark_full_screen_dirty(evdi); <---- the less efficient way but it isn't broken

To fix...
In a shell;
* cat /sys/devices/platform/evdi.0/cursor_events
* If a 1 is returned then;
* sudo echo 0 > /sys/devices/platform/evdi.0/cursor_events
* Test your cursor near the edge of the screen where it was having issues. Not fixed? Undo the change by;
* sudo echo 1 > /sys/devices/platform/evdi.0/cursor_events
Do the same procedure for /sys/devices/platform/evdi.2/cursor_events, /sys/devices/platform/evdi.3/cursor_events... and so on and so forth. I had evdi.[0-3] devices - you may have more less.

For me it was setting my /sys/devices/platform/evdi.1/cursor_events to 0 which stopped the mouse flashing etc on both my external screens (my laptop screen never experienced the issue).

Hope this helps.

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