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Please help, I have try everything, even switch to a new PC, still can not solve the
install the driver, displaylink ok, after reboot, not working.
then I have to uninstall, and re-install, then ok, but after reboot, not working again.

after not working, I run displaylink report tool, log attached.
note, above log, was using apt install via synaptics-repository-keyring


I am on fresh install proxmox 7.4-17 with Linux kernel 5.15.116-1-pve
the displaylink device is the same in the first post of this thread.
it plug into a usb3 and passthrough to the below VM.
vm config in below attachment


from post
I now know,
1 linux version
2 kernel version
3 displaylink driver version
4 evdi version
are linked, and kernel update fast, and displaylink driver need some time to deploy the new driver to match those new kernels.
so never use "apt update && apt upgrade"


so now I use old stuff,
1 download ubuntu-22.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso

2 downgrade the kernel to 5.15
apt list --installed | grep linux-image
sudo apt remove linux-image-6.2.0-34-generic
sudo apt install linux-image-5.15.0-43-generic
3 download the "DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for Ubuntu5.6.1-EXE.zip"
or "DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for Ubuntu5.6-EXE.zip"
from https://www.synaptics.com/products/d...wnloads/ubuntu

4 install the driver
unzip "DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for Ubuntu5.6-EXE.zip"
chmod +x displaylink-driver-5.6.0-59.176.run
sudo apt install dkms libdrm-dev
sudo ./displaylink-driver-5.6.0-59.176.run --accept

5 displaylink works
dmsg below attachment

6 after reboot didn't work.
dmsg below attachment


I then try
with above similar procedure


download synaptics-repository-keyring
apt install synaptics-repository-keyring
apt update
apt -y install displaylink-driver


git clone https://github.com/AdnanHodzic/displaylink-debian.git
cd displaylink-debian
sudo ./displaylink-debian.sh

all are ok after install the driver, then reboot, then not work, black screen
Attached Files
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Any news regarding this? Have exactly the same problem. After installation, external monitor works but after the initial restart, it is not working anymore.
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I just did another test,
same display device on the same proxmox.
but VM changed from ubuntu 22 to win10, and restart vm and display link device works.
so I guess they just don't like to fix the proxmox vm restart issue on ubuntu.
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Default Solved by using this github repo

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