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Default Multiple Monitor Issues


I am setting up a quad monitor station and I am utilizing two Lenovo USB-to-DVI Graphic adapters paired with an ATI video card with dual output in order to connect four monitors together. Everything seems to be working fine, but the only issue I am having is retaining the display monitor positions on reboot. Everytime I re-log into the machine the display settings move the monitor positions around and I am having to set them up again. This is the settings that allow the monitors to extend properly so that it flows across(the four monitors are spanned across left to right). It seems that the USB adapters are the main issue as they are the last ones to load, which is more than likely the culprit of the disply settings issue. Is there a workaround or a way I can set these monitors so it will consistently save the display locations so that I will not have to set them up every time in restart?

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