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Default Very slow graphic operation xUbuntu 20.04 NVIDIA noveau (NOT laptop lid related)

I have installed DisplayLink 5.4.1 driver for Ubuntu on my xUbuntu 20.04 OS. It resulted with glitchy, blinking cursor (an opaque box from last frame under the cursor). I have disabled Composer extensions, which fixed it, but not for GPU accelerated applications like Google Chrome, Steam, or some parts of Skype.
Then I had readed that DisplayLinks supports only nuoveau (open-source) drivers, so I installed it over currently back then used nvidia-470 package. The result was the following:

- every graphic operation seemed to take a long time, graphic element refreshing was slow, applications started, appeared and refreshed after a long pause, typing anything into dynamically refreshed search bar in Google Chrome took tenths of seconds to refresh. It all got back to normal after I plugged the secondary monitor off.

Then I readed that this should be solved in newer than 1.20.11 xserver-xorg-core version. So I installed experimental 1.20.13 xserver-xorg-core. In the result (after a reboot) secondary monitor was not detected, neither it turned on (only for a short period during boot time).

If anyone could provide help, please do it. I tried everything I could find by google, to no result.

Edit: when I boot with nvidia-470 graphics driver everything seems fine for a while, I can even turn xfce Composer on with no side effects, and Skype has no glitches... until I start Google Chrome, the all-present flickering and artifacts start then.

My OS: xUbuntu 20.04.3
xserver-xorg-core 1.20.11

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