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Default Rotation is not availaible

Hello !

Since I upgrade my setup (new motherboard, ram & CPU : b450 with a Ryzen 5 1600x), i cannot rotate my usb screen anymore. The option is grey in the parameter window.

I'm running on Windows10, latest version and i have a Lilliput 7" usb monitor & a samsung u70.

I tried different thing, erase all the AMD softwares, try a lot of drivers & displaylink software, but i cannot rotate the screen anymore and this is very disturbing to me (I use my usb screens in a "F16 cockpit homemade" and they are slotted in...).

Please, someone help me

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I've answered this earlier in ticket.
The most likely root cause is that the display is being cloned and therefore must follow orientation of the other display.
Having a screenshot of the Windows display settings would help understand if this is the case.

Our driver does not control orientation, this is done through Windows standard settings.
If you reply to the ticket, or here, we can see where this could come from.

Kind regards,
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I've just reply to you via mail.
Thanks for your answer.

The problem does not come from there, thus the dislplay is extend.
(it is a bit tough to duplicate a 5040x1060 or a 1680x1060 on a 800x480 display...)
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