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Default Monitor disconnects and reconnects at seemingly random


i have a peculiar issue while using a display link second screen in combination with an application we develop, on a certain set of PC of differently configured hardware.
At first it was seemingly random, with our application receiving the event from windows of the display device removed and then inserted immediately after.
We checked for a power issue, as it happened in other cases, but measuring with a Multimeter led us to exclude the possibility, as the power was constantly within the specifications.
Then, as unlikely as it may sound, we found what it seems to be a connection: the disconnection happens in conjunction of bulk concurrent creation of X509Certificate2 objects, using the BouncyCastle c# apis. When not doing this process, the setup is perfectly stable.
Now, i cannot see the connection from our code to the effect that we obtain from the display link monitor, but i would like to know how to avoid this to maintain the feature we have in our application.
I attached in the zip file the output of the diagnostic tool on a machine with the issue.
Is there anything else needed for a diagnostic of the issue?
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