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Originally Posted by luuk View Post
Any clue what it can be?
When you do a Print Screen, do you see the corruption?
If so, then this is a bug we've reported to Microsoft already and they are working on it.
How many displays in total are working? We've noticed you need 3+ for the issue to be obvious and that's why this is reported by DisplayLink users... because we make it easy to add that many displays on machines.
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same exact issue here. if the dock is connected and you use any peripheral the process will spike just moving the mouse can be enough to get wudfhost.exe to spike up an extra 25% cpu load. (even though the mouse is plugged into the laptop)

with the dock not connected there are zero issues in fact the process doesn't even show in taskmgr

uninstall use the install cleaner tool, reboot reinstall no change.
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Originally Posted by AlbanRampon View Post
There are several points in this post.
WUDFHost.exe load has no direct bearing on performance. The algorithm uses, and has always used the available CPU to minimise latency and achieve the pixel-perfect we expect. The CPU is used because it's available, otherwise the quality will be dropped temporarily.
Would you look at your laptop to check if there are multiple graphics cards in it? If so, can you please disable the low end one to see if there is a performance gain? We know the Anniversary Update OS will the choose the best graphics card but the one used at startup. We know this because we have already been working with Microsoft on this. The compute of graphics has never done by DisplayLink as this is not a GPU. How do you measure your FPS? Do you have a sensor on the monitor, or is it an in-game counter looking at what the graphics card is handling?

The second aspect around general performance is on the engineering backlog to be worked on. There are a number of features which were available to us prior to this OS which have to be totally redeveloped with this new way of doing indirect displays.
The priority was to have the system work for the OS launch.

Kind regards,
The Intel GPU cannot be disabled, since the NVidia GPU is only a co-processor, but the NVidia GPU can be set as default. See http://en.community.dell.com/support...39779#20639779 and the post below it.

This changes nothing however.

But I was able to come to a new conclusion.
When both monitors are connected through USB the game reports a max of 17 FPS and is unplayable, even on the laptop display.
With one monitor connected through USB and the other through HDMI the game reports 60FPS when played on any of three displays. But still, the USB monitor is obviously not rendering 60FPS since the mouse cursor and the game feels obviously sluggish when compared to the HDMI and integrated monitor.

The FPS counter is an in-game one.
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Same here, build 1503 was fine with displaylink 7.7 m4 drivers, but as soon as I install 1607 I'm getting input lag, high CPU load from WUDFHost, and the screen fails to update until I interact with the window. Tried new 8.0 m3 drivers, uninstall/reinstall, old drivers, nothing seems to help. I'd rather not roll back to 1503 but it seems I may have to.
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Old 11-08-2016, 04:32 PM   #15
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If anyone else find this thread they should give the 8.1 alpha driver a shot, its not perfect but it helps a lot. Made my win10 1607 setup usable again with two displaylink adapters connected.

close all apps, save work and prepare to reboot:

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Old 11-30-2016, 09:39 PM   #16
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Unfortunately this did not work for me. Experiencing the same issue as all of you guys on build 1607..

KR, Jos
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I have also tried the 8.1 alpha and this issue is still occurring.
From when I got the dock, I started with DisplayLink 8.0 M2, then M3, now 8.1.782 Alpha. Issue still occurring.
I've only ever had Win 10 1607 on this device, so not sure if performance is/was better prior to this version.

Windows 10 Pro 1607
Dell Inspiron 13 - 7000 series
Core i7-7500 @2.7 GHz
Intel HD 620
Dell D3100 USB 3.0 Dock
1 external monitor connected at 4K via DisplayPort on dock.

Mouse cursor is laggy most of the time - especially once more than a few applications are open.
External monitor goes black for 2 seconds about every 15minutes during use, as though it is resetting itself. The laptop monitor remains on. There is nothing to indicate that the monitor is 'disconnected'... the primary screen settings remain in place.
WUDFHost.exe consumes 10-15% CPU continuously while the dock is connected and actions are occurring on the external monitor. When disconnected, this process is 0%.
Possibly related: audiodg.exe consumes 5-10% CPU continuously while the dock is connected.

Happy to provide more information if required.

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Old 12-21-2016, 09:59 AM   #18
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Same issue here. It is impossible to use my ThinkPad USB 3 dock now because of the severe lag. It's been working fine for quite some time, but as of last week it's extremely laggy. I've been on Anniversary update for a couple of months, so it didn't happen along with the update.

Why so silent AlbanRampon and others at DisplayLink? Please try to advise here.
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Old 12-24-2016, 08:45 PM   #19
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Default High CPU - X1 Yoga + Thinkpad USB 3.0 Dock

Same challenge here folks with a Lenovo X1 Yoga 1st Gen. When docked, Windows Driver Foundation is always at the top of the CPU list at 5% – 10%. No issues when running undocked. Yeah… I know… well then run it undocked.

Lenovo X1 Yoga 1st Generation OLED
Windows 10 Pro Build 1607
Core i7-6600U @ 2.60 GHz
Intel HD Graphics 520 (Driver
Thinkpad USB 3.0 Docking Station (with DisplayLink 8.1M0 drivers)
2 x external Dell 2407WFP (1920 x 1200) + X1 Yoga native laptop screen on
StarTech 2 Port Dual DVI USB KVM Switch with Audio

X1 Yoga -> Thinkpad USB 3.0 Dock -> 2 x DVI to StarTech KVM -> 2 x DVI to 2 x Dell 2407WFP

I have this configuration so that I can switch between two laptops; work and personal.

Just for fun, other laptop connected to the KVM is

Thinkpad W510
Windows 10 Pro Build 1607
Core i7 Q20 @ 1.73 GHz
NVIDIA Quadro FX880M
Lenovo ThinkPad Mini Dock Plus 3 (who comes up with these names)
2 x external Dell 2407WFP (1920 x 1200) ONLY; can’t have the W510 native display on with 2 monitors.
StarTech 2 Port Dual DVI USB KVM Switch with Audio

No high CPU issues with my W510 configuration.

So, any way to get my newer X1 to stop running so hot when docked?
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Default High Cpu and freezing - Lenovo Yoga 500 & Plugable UD3900

same issue here, not so bad as other are saying but laptop is freezing and slowing badly when one of the screens has some video turned on, youtube, google hangouts, skype etc

Lenovo Yoga 500-14IBD
i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz, 2201 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
Intel HD Graphics 5500

DisplayLink 8.1.843.0
Acer Led 1920x1080 Extended HDMI
Iiyama Prolite E2407HDS 1920x1080 DVI
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