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Default CPU Overhead with D6000 docks

Hi DisplayLink team,

Our organisation uses several styles of laptops with Dell D6000 docks at every hotdesk:
  • Dell Latitude 7290s
  • Dell Latitude 5300s
  • Dell 5300 2in1s
We are having this issue whereby there's a significant CPU overhead while using Dell D6000 docks with dual 1080P monitors.
The extra CPU Usage sits in: "Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework Host Process".
During normal office usage the overhead is about 10-15%.
But when using a 3D object in paint3D it hits 25% straight away on my 7290.
We are using the D6000 driver version: 8.5.3459.0

If there's any way for us to get better performance here then that would be incredibly helpful.
Many in our organisation use far more CPU and GPU intensive applications and I'm sure that unknowingly to them this is slowing down their work.
I'm thinking either by forcing the laptops to use the internal GPU, or else with a more appropriate driver.

Please can you let me know if there's any solution you can offer us here.

thanks in advance,
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Hello Jacob,

We introduced CPU offloading in v9.0 in 2018. It would use your Intel iGPU.
Algorithms used are adaptative and use less computing power or less bandwidth when they are not available. When nothing else is adding pressure, we maximize performance.
(Whether 3D or not, DisplayLink does not compute pixels, we only encapsulate the flat pixels the GPU has computed.)

Also since 2018, we have optimized data copy, and other items which improves performance by limiting data transfers.

I'd recommend starting by using a more recent driver.

Kind regards,
Alban Rampon
Senior product manager, universal docking stations and accessories
"DisplayLink is proud to be a Synaptics brand."

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Hi Alban,

Wow thanks for your detailed response.
Well it sounds like this isn't nearly as much of a problem as I thought.
Adaptive resource usage is great, and encapsulating pixels rather than rendering them allays my fears about GPU intensive applications.
I guess the resource usage must be sensitive to large pixel numbers being updated at a time.

Unfortunately the COVID thing is making it hard for me to try a driver update.
But once I'm allowed back into the office I'll see if that helps anyway.

Thanks again,
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I confirmed that the latest software does use the GPU. I tried Paint 3D as in your example, and when I open task manager, it shows the dedicated GPU being used.
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This has been discussed before, but there is something wrong with the GPU usage. Check below screenshot.

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