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just joshing
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Default DisplayLink Docking station with HDMI switch issue

I finally found the perfect DisplayLink docking station that worked for all my devices

Docking Station VisionTek VT4000 DisplayLink

Laptop1: Surface Pro 4 (Windows 10)
Laptop2: MacBook Pro (early 2015)
Laptop3: Toshiba Tecra W50-A (Quadro K2100M graphics)
(All are running the latest drivers installed from DisplayLink)

Mon1: Dell UW3419W (34" Ultrawide)
Mon2: Dell UW2720Q (27")

1: Laptop_--> VT4000 docking station --Mon1 (DP)
2: Laptop_-->HDMI switch --> VT4000 docking station --> Mon2 (HDMI)

I use an HDMI switch since I also have a PC and a Apple TV which share Mon2. Makes my life easier.

For whatever reason, configuration 2 does not work with the Toshiba device (Laptop 3). It works with the other laptops.
When I take the HDMI switch out of the equation then I am able to get dual display at native resolutions on both monitors with Laptop3.

I have no issues with any of my other devices going through an HDMI switch even HDCP devices like my Apple TV work fine through the switch. I've also tried two different HDMI switches.

The other weird thing is I am not getting a No signal on Mon2. The monitor is detected and the resolution shows (3840x2160) under display settings but the screen is black. I can't figure out why using a switch would be a problem, Does anyone have any ideas?
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The VT4000 does not have any HDMI input, so your diagram 2 will indeed not work.
Alban Rampon
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Old 07-29-2021, 03:15 AM   #3
just joshing
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Sorry I missed your reply....thought the forum was inactive.

And yes I know the VT4000 doesn't have an HDMI input. The only input is the USB-C cable from my laptop.

My diagram was wrong.
Laptop_--> VT4000 docking station -->HDMI switch --> Mon2 (HDMI)

The docking station has two DP/HDMI outputs which connect to my monitors. I can get either DP or HDMI docking station monitor output to work reliably unless the switch is used. The switch is a 60Hz 4k HDMI switch which allows me to easily change multiple input devices so I can't see why it would make a difference.
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