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Yevhen Burmaka
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Default Whether the number of monitors I can connect with displaylink depends on what GPU I ?

Hey guys!

I have an older laptop with GTX 860M GPU and only one HDMI port. Also it has USB 3.0 ports. It doesn't have Thunderbolt.

I use this laptop for office tasks and it still has sufficient performance for it, so I don't want to buy a new one. But I need to connect 3 external monitors.

Currently I have 1 external 2560x1440 monitor. But I must find a way to connect 2 more (1920x1200 each). And use these 3 monitors together with laptop's native screen (1920x1080). Altogether it's 4 screens.

So I am curious whether I can just buy a displaylink docking station and connect those two 1920x1200 external monitors in addition to the external monitor (2560x1440) which is connected directly to my laptop's HDMI port + use my laptop's native (1920x1080) screen at the same time in order have 4 screens in the "extend" mode as a result?

I've found a website where it's stated that GTX 860m can work only with 3 screens and not 4 (https://www.pugetsystems.com/parts/V...X%20860M%202GB). But it doesn't says anything about displaylink. So maybe with displaylink the situation is different and there is no limitation. But I don't really know. So could you, please help, guys. Whether displaylink can help me to get what I want?


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