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Cool MacBook Pro Ventura 13 - HDMI only not working

I have a MacBook Pro M2 running Ventura 13.0 with a Dell D6000s connecting 3 monitors. 2 work fine, the third connected HDMI is not recognized. The same setup connected to a MacBook Air M1, 2020 running Monterey has no issues running all 3.

I've tried basic troubleshooting including reconnecting, power cycling, checking permissions on Mac, uninstalling and reinstalling DisplayLink Manager.

**After further testing, it appears that the dock will only allows 2 monitor inputs at a time. It could be a combination of any 2 ports that will work. Once a third is connected, the third display is not recognized.

I'm at a loss. Anyone know what's up?

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The problem seems to be with Alt-mode technology.

The Dell D6000 relies on two USB graphics technologies to support up to three external displays.

DisplayLink and USB-C DisplayPort Alternate Mode (Alt-mode in short), an optional USB-C port feature that requires connecting the docking station directly to a compatible host computer's USB-C port using the original USB-C cable provided with the docking station.

DP Alt-Mode is used with HDMI if the other two ports are occupied. DisplayLink is used with DisplayPorts if using 3 external monitors. If you use just two external monitors DisplayLink will handle them regardless of what ports they are connected to - this is why you would most likely see HDMI working if one monitor connected to DisplayPort is disconnected from the dock.

If three external monitors are connected DisplayLink will only handle the DisplayPorts and HDMI will not be seen by DisplayLink driver as it uses different technology than DisplayLink.

For Alt-mode to work you have to have Dell D6000 connected via USB-C and your computer has to support DP Alt-Mode. If your computer does not support this technology - the HDMI port (when using all video ports), will not work.

If you are connected via USB-C and you are certain that the computer does support DP Alt-Mode then it is best to consult Dell directly.
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Thank you for the information. DP Alt-Mode is in fact supported. I will be swapping out this dock for the exact same model with one that is currently working (tested on another MacBook Pro) provided by my employer. This is clearly either bad settings on the Mac specific to this device, permission issues, or a firmware issue with the docking station. Based on everything I have read, there seems to be issues specific to Macs running Ventura, with an M2 chip. Solutions included wiping out settings on the Mac and starting fresh. I will not, however, spend any more time on this when I know swapping the unit will resolve the issue.

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I have the same issue. I was told this docking station would support three monitors, and after all of the same testing you mentioned above, it seems to only work with the DisplayLink ports and NOT the HDMI. My old hub had two HDMI ports. This is driving me NUTS! Any suggestions anyone?

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Same issue here. I have an M2 running 13.4. I have 2 DP monitors and 1 HDMI. If I unplug one of the DP monitors the one on HDMI starts working. If I plug in both DP monitors the HDMI stops working. I also tried another dock and had the same issue. Both were D6000 docks latest firmware.
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Default Same

I have the same problem here, anybody could resolve it?
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