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Default DL stopped working after Ubuntu 17.10 upgrade

DisplayLink was working just fine with Ubuntu 16.04, D3100, and two monitors (in addition to the laptop display). I upgraded to the latest DL a few months ago, but I forget what version that was. Last evening, I upgraded to Ubuntu 17.10 and experienced the "Ubuntu login loop." I uninstalled DL, and was then able to log in via lightdm. Next, I downloaded and installed DL 4.1.9, but my two monitors are always black.

I've tried unplugging monitors and docking station and plugging them back in. I tried unplugging docking station, rebooting Ubuntu, logging in, waiting a minute or so, and plugging docking station back in. None of this worked. Any idea how to get it working again?

UPDATE: I guess I haven't restarted my PC since I installed the latest DL when I first posted this two days ago. I just restarted it, and it turns out that I get the "Ubuntu login loop" with the new one, too. This is what happens: I no longer have the two external monitors plugged into the D3100. Instead, I have just one of them plugged into the (lone) HDMI port on my laptop. Has been working okay like that. I restarted, get the Ubuntu login screen, I enter my password, the screen goes blank, then I get the login screen again. This is different than the bad-password screen. The fix is to uninstall DL. I miss that third monitor.

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Similar problem here. Working fine on zesty then did upgrade to 17.10 and after upgrading it first started flickering white in the corners on the login screen and if I tried to log in, it just kicked me back out. Then I upgraded the driver to the latest version and the displaylink monitor is black. Something shows up as DVI-I-1-1 with a max resolution of 720x576, but if I try to enable it, I get kicked out of the desktop. I've got it connected to a USB 2.0 KVM and it works fine on my windows boxes when I switch over.

I tried the intel workaround fixes and they were no help, but I'm running with a Radeon HD 4290 onboard.

I'm running kubutu 17.10 with plasma on a server with 64 bit AMD Phenom II with 4.13.0-32 kernel and Plasma 5.10.5, Kde frameworks 5.38.0 Qt 5.9.1 - all the latest base distibution for kubuntu.

Plugable USB3-HDMI-DVI

Manufacturer: DisplayLink
Serial #: PLUG412140722041590866
(Miscellaneous Device)
USB Version
Vendor ID
Product ID
480 Mbit/s
Max. Packet Size
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Any news on this? Anyone else get this working on 17.10?
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ubuntu d3100

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