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Default New to DisplayLink - Couldn't use the dock anymore

Hello all!
I'm brand new to this forum. I understand that the folks over at DisplayLink are pretty attentive to user feedback. I'll outline my setup and some issues I've faced in just a day of use. I searched through the forum for a resolution but was unable to find anything.

I'm running a brand new 14" M1 Max Macbook Pro. I was provided a new ThinkPad 40AF DisplayLink dock from work. I currently run one single 42" LG OLED monitor as my only display. My Macbook sits under the screen in clamshell mode permanently.

First issue I noticed, even when "Login Screen Extension Status" was installed, PC rebooted etc. It seems not to function correctly, or at least not my understanding of how it should work. As mentioned, my laptop is permanently closed and lives under the display. When I reboot my Mac for one reason or another, it never ever displays the login screen. I must first open the lid, login, then after a moment, DL kicks on and I can close it and use the screen again.

Second issue. My monitor is connected via HDMI to the dock, then USB-C to the Mac. I cannot for the life of me get my audio to come through the monitor. The only option for "Audio Out" is my MBP speakers. I'm unable to find any solution online which allows audio to flow through the dock. I'm not sure if this is a limitation of the dock, or USB-C.

Third issue. The resolutions are out of whack, there is no support for HDR and on my display preference panel on my Mac, it claims that I'm able to achieve 120 Hz at 4k. When I change this setting, but validate through the monitor - it says I'm still at 60hz.

Fourth issue. The lack of HDR is probably my biggest grievance. When connecting via HDMI directly, I'm able to select the toggle for "High Dynamic Range". When the dock is connected, however, this option disappears. Colours are Completely blown out, the monitor is way too bright and it's immediately unusable for photo editing or colour grading. Overall image quality is very poor, I notice "Shadowing" when I drag my cursor across a screen - I notice this primarily in MS Office applications. There is a pixelated cursor-shaped trail that leaves artifacts on the screen. This does not occur at all when connecting directly through HDMI.

Sadly the combination of these issues meant that the dock only lasted a few hours on my desk. I had to go back to a direct connection. My main reason for having the dock was for more port access, ethernet connectivity and having just one cable to unplug vs. 4. DisplayLink have a significant amount of work ahead of them if they want this to become a viable Apple solution. I am ALL ears if anyone has assistance, guidance, etc. I have the latest DL software - 1.8 I believe, my Mac is up to date with Ventura 13.0.1.

Apologies for the tome, and thanks for your patience!
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