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Default does clamshell mode work in beta?

(Starting new thread as requested.)

Can anyone please report if the following is still a problem with this driver?

If using a Mac laptop without an external monitor attached, and closing the lid, attaching a displaylink monitor, USB keyboard, USB mouse, and power, the computer wakes up as expected, but a phantom internal monitor is still detected and cannot be disabled without rebooting the 'puter. (This phantom monitor only showed up with recent displaylink adapters installed.)

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Yes this still is an issue. My internal screen wakes up and i can not disable it either

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I am experiencing this issue even though I've got an external display connected to the DisplayPort. Before installing the DisplayLink drivers clamshell mode worked as expected, but now I must reboot my computer every time I get to the office as otherwise the internal screen will not be disabled. I can also see the backlight being turned on.
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