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Default DisplayLink service no longer in service list after reboot following an install.


My first post on this forum...

I have followed the troubleshooting guide mentioned in many posts, didn't solve the problem. But I haven't installed the debugging software yet...just thought I would share my experiences first to find out if anyone else may have had the same issue.

The equipment:
Nvidia GTX 470, Core i5 760 1156 cpu, 8gb RAM, Win 7 64bit. Avast (free version) is the A/V scanner.

Primary monitor is a 22" iiyama on DVI.

Displaylink monitor is an AOC E2251Fwu.

The problem:
Displaylink software installs fine, the AOC powers up and displays the extended desktop as expected.

However, the problems start when I reboot following installation. The AOC doesn't power up. I removed software and started again 4 times, hoping the outcome would be different, sadly not so. So I started trying to see what could be different before and after a reboot.

I noticed three things that are different. 1) The DisplayLink service is no longer in the service list; 2) The USB Display Adapter in Device Manager no longer says E2251Fwu, instead it shows 'DisplayLink Display Adapter (03AA) 3) The DisplayLink icon is missing from the Notification Area (aka system tray).

My questions are....Has anyone else had the issue where the service is no longer listed after reboot (could this be an A/V issue).

Where do I go from here, and who is the best company to contact (DisplayLink / Nvidia / AOC)?

Many thanks for any tips.


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Sorry for the delay in replying.

Can I get the logs from this tool if this is still an issue?

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