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Question M1 Macbook Pro drive 2 Displaylink monitors + 1 independent monitor

I am currently running a 3 monitor (one 34" ultrawide and two 27") + my M1 MBP screen as my setup using a Dell D6000. I plan on upgrading my ultrawide bc its a 50hz and the mouse lag on it is driving me crazy compared to the Pro-motion screen on my MBP.

I would like to upgrade to an OLED screen. The one that everyone typically goes for is the LG C2 but would be capped at 4k/60hz due to limitations from the M1 MBP, so that wouldn't be much of an upgrade. That basically leaves me the LG - UltraGear 48 OLED 4K. Its been confirmed that you can get 4K/120hz with a TB4/Displayport cable using a direct connection to the M1 MBP TB4 port.

If I were to go this route, will I still be able to also drive my other two 27" monitors using the other TB4 port with the D6000 using DisplayLink? I would like to continue using my current 3 external monitor + MBP setup for productivity purposes.
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